Ben Robinson

Senior Director

Ben Robinson is a Senior Director at HXE Partners.

Ben’s experience is in the development and verification of corporate GHG inventories and ESG reporting. ​ Prior to HXE, Ben served as a sustainability consultant and project manager, leading third party verifications of corporate sustainability data and reports across a variety of sectors and metrics. Ben also worked with the University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Institute to develop a simple and comprehensive online platform for colleges and universities to calculate and report their carbon and nitrogen emissions. Previously, Ben worked in the Mitigation, Data and Analysis unit at the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, helping to analyze issues in national GHG inventories, as well as supporting international climate negotiations. ​

Ben holds a Masters in GHG Management and Accounting from Colorado State University, and a B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Florida. Ben is an ISO 14001 Certified Lead Auditor.