Investor-Focused Sustainability and ESG Services

We collaborate with clients at any stage of their ESG strategy, focusing on their unique needs while helping them earn recognition for their efforts throughout the process.

Our Values

At HXE Partners, we aim to help clients align their sustainability and ESG goals with stakeholder expectations and industry best practices. Our core values of Client Service, Make Things Better, Reliability, and Diligence steer how we work to execute this mission.

Client Service

We are dedicated to being long-term partners with our clients, understanding their unique needs, and offering relevant advice.

Make Things Better

We value diverse perspectives, take feedback seriously, and are committed to continuously finding ways to be and do better as an advisor, partner, and employer.


We believe being a dependable advisor means demonstrating accountability and building trust through collaboration.


We aim to do our work with high standards of quality, consistency, and thoroughness.

Our Partnerships and Affiliations

We work closely with leading organizations and solutions providers to offer our clients end-to-end support with their sustainability and ESG programs. These relationships allow our team to provide focused expertise while leveraging the strengths and resources of other providers of sustainability and ESG services, standards, and products.